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ResourcesEquip • What is Worship? [DVD]


What is Worship? [DVD]

Dan Wilt

What is Worship? is a fantastic resource to have in your  library and to have available for members of your team.  It’s also a must-have resource for training new & potential worship leaders.

An outline of what you can expect to find on the DVD, as well as links to where you can get hold of a copy, can be found below.


A DVD Training Experience : What is Worship?

Hear the voices of some of today’s most influential worship leaders, theologians and authors on the privilege that is worship. What is Worship? will explore the questions of Who We Worship, Why We Worship and How We Worship. Discover the connection between the acts of God in creation and the daily intimate encounter He invites us into today. Insightful interviews will lead worshipers, pastors and congregations into a fresh vision of the highest call a human being can experience.

DVD Chapter Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Historically Speaking
  • Who We Worship
  • Why We Worship
  • Corporate Expression As Worship
  • Personal Expression As Worship
  • Prayer As Worship
  • Holiness As Worship
  • Compassion As Worship
  • Proclamation As Worship
  • Relationships With Family As Worship
  • Relationships With Church As Worship
  • Relationship With Culture As Worship
  • Character Growth As Worship
  • The Pursuit Of Truth As Worship
  • Wholeness As Worship

Featuring: N.T. Wright, Matt Redman, Brian Doerksen, John Eldredge, David Ruis, Kathryn Scott, Derek Morphew, Tim Hughes, Nigel Briggs, Don Williams, John Wimber, Peter Fitch and Peter Davids. With Host Dan Wilt.


To purchase this resource in the USA visit the Vineyard Resources shop online here.

To purchase this resource in Europe visit the Vineyard Records shop online here.

Written by: Dan Wilt

Added: 2013-03-04   |   Filed under: Equip

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