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Following The Spirit’s Lead

Robbie Dawkins

In this short video Robby Dawkins shares some insight with us concerning the Holy Spirit and how we can step out, take risks, and follow His lead as we lead worship.

Robby and his wife Angie have 6 boys. He is a fifth generation pastor who was born to missionary parents in Japan. Robby had served as a youth pastor for 12 years for churches between 50 to12,000 members before he and Angie planted a Vineyard church in the downtown area of Aurora, Illinois,14 years ago. Their church consists of people from all walks of life, including gang members, drug addicts and prostitutes. Yet God has shown up to powerfully change these people’s lives through this pastor and church.  70% of their church came to Christ there and 60% of them through power encounters (prophetic, healing, deliverance or ministry of God’s manifest presence).

Written by: Robbie Dawkins

Added: 2013-01-21   |   Filed under: Deeper

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