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The Guitarist’s Guide To Effective Mistakes

Jesse Duley

12 Top Tips for Electric Guitarists

  • Program your floorboard presets so that “Long Ambient Swells” is right next to “Triple Rectifier Power Chords.” Make sure you’re wearing your biggest boots.
  • Jump with excitement on a wobbly stage, just to find the center of gravity in your amp stack.
  • Wrong Notes, Pt. 1: Whenever you make a mistake, follow it with accusing glances at your equipment, or other band members.
  • Wrong Notes, Pt. 2: Whenever you make a mistake, do it again, like it was exactly what you meant to play in the first place. When you get the strange looks from your band mates, insist that it’s jazz and that they simply “don’t understand.”
  • Wrong Notes, Pt. 3: Wait until your delay effect is set to maximum before you make your worst mistake of any given set, thereby prolonging the experience.
  • Alternate tunings add a great dimension to some songs, especially when the intro of the following song is down to you, and you don’t know how to play it in that tuning.
  • Forget that your lead is securely wrapped onto your strap, and around the amp handle on the other end. Go and speak to the keyboard player on the other side of the stage, with hilarious consequences (the dramatic effect is enhanced if you have an amp with reverb springs).
  • There’s another guitarist listening! Perfect opportunity to use that new trick you just learned – you know, the one with sweep-picking and whammy bar madness. Everyone will appreciate that.
  • Configure your wireless unit so that it broadcasts on the same frequency as the Pastor’s microphone.
  • Make sure your lead slips underneath the bass drum so that it gets cut in half (yep, that really happened!)
  • Where available, plug your guitar into the “headphones” socket.
  • You want maximum impact on the first chorus… sit out through the first verse and then hit that massive power chord! (with your capo in the wrong position).


Jesse is a professional musician and a worship leader at the Kingdom Vineyard in East Fife, Scotland, having recently left London where he grew up. He has played guitar on several Vineyard Records UK productions, such as New Songs Vol.1, New Songs Vol. 2 and Great Big God 3. 

Written by: Jesse Duley

This Article was originaly published in Inside Worship Magazine.
Image by Ronnie McDermid

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